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Australian Federal Budget 2020-21

Australian Federal Budget 2020-21 Treasurer Josh Frydenberg handed down Australia’s federal budget yesterday detailing steps to boost the economy heavily impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. MAIN POINTS The budget provides a long, debt-driven path to recovery as the government announces spending measures to keep jobs and businesses running The government forecasts a record $213.7 billion deficit […]

$2 billion of cheaper unsecured funding for small businesses

Those of us in small business know that gaining access to funding is often one of the biggest difficulties to overcome.  Securing business loans against your house or jumping through hoops to obtain unsecured finance with high interest rates and short terms is the norm in Australia. In a joint announcement made 14 November 2018 by the […]

Tips for keeping your business cyber secure #2

Some more simple steps to protect and keep your businesses and client’s data secure. Is your wireless network  Secure? Don’t make online transactions when using public or free Wifi. Only make online transactions (such as online banking) on a secure network. Your information and funds could be at risk if you use an unsecured network. Be careful about […]

Tips for keeping your business cyber secure #1

You can take some simple steps to protect and keep your businesses and client’s data secure. Implement strong and secure passwords Regularly change your passwords, and do not share them with anyone. When available, you should use multi-factor authentication, where two forms of identification are required to access your account, such as text from a phone […]

Are you starting, operating, growing, or closing a business? Do you know what rules and regulations apply to you?

Have you located all the red tape relating to your business? There is an ever mounting pile of red tape that businesses must adhere to. Many business owners are simply not aware of all that exists. These include local council permits required to run certain businesses types or Payroll Tax that creeps up on you when […]